Crocodile Party

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Crocodile Party:

Turtles, Lizards, a range of different sized Pythons and Charlie The Crocodile (approximately 15 different reptiles)

Please note; every reptile used by Snakehandler staff are carefully selected for their temperaments; we DO NOT bring Venomous Snakes to children's parties! The party packages include party bags for each child, with a special bag for the birthday child and special gift.

The Birthday Child is invited to become our Special Assistant for the duration of the party; involving them holding almost every animal and taking them around for all their friends to pat.

We also invite the other guests to hold a few special animals: such as the Largest Python and Charlie the Crocodile (even some of the 'taller' kids!) We encourage you to take as many photographs as possible to remember your event by; we do not charge for this.

Both packages have a limit of 25 children, extra children are charged at $10 per child.

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