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Promotions & Events

Snakehandler Reptiles are available for a wide variety of promotions events. Whether you want a handler onsite for your guests to interact with, or an enclosure set up as a feature point for your cocktail party Snakehandler can accommodate all of your reptile needs.

Examples include:

  • A variety of Pythons from 20cm to 4m
  • Fresh water Crocodile
  • Salt Water Crocodile
  • Green Tree Frogs
  • Blue Tongue Lizards
  • Stumpy Tail Lizards
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Frill Neck Lizards
  • A variety of Goannas or Monitor Lizards
  • Turtles
  • Venomous snakes

We can also arrange for models to be available on request (extra costs involved)

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