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Reptile Awareness Courses:

This short course is designed to educate people around the workplace and community about reptiles. It is available as a stand alone session, or can be coupled with our Reptile & Venomous Snake Handling course for industries.

Sessions typically run for 60 - 90 minutes and include a snake safety talk and live reptile demonstration, there is no limit to numbers and it can be conducted indoors or out.

Participants learn about the reasons why reptiles may be in the area, what to do when you see a reptile, prevention of unwanted reptile visitors, and basic snake bite first aid.

We have full Public Liability Insurance of $20m & as we use live Reptiles in our Demonstrations we have prepared Risk Assessments which we can provide upon request.

Snakehandler can provide Reptile Awareness talks to:

  • Mine Sites
  • Businesses and work sites, specifically those who function outdoors
  • Community groups
  • Councils and government agencies
  • Scouts/Guides
  • Primary and Secondary schools, individual or multiple classes and assemblies
  • Church groups
  • Private industry
  • Walking hiking clubs

Sessions can be with or without live animals, for a quote please email us.