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Secondary Schools

Sean and Rod McCarthy have over 50 years combined teaching experience in both Primary and Secondary schools including Catholic, Independent and State schools.

Sean and Rod are both V.I.T registered and all of our staff have a current Working With Children check (W.W.C.) and Police checks.

We have full Public Liability Insurance of $20m & as we use live animals in all of our presentations, we have prepared Risk Assessment documentation which is available on request when you book with us.

Rod has experience at all levels of Primary education and has worked extensively with various universities in the supervision of student teachers.

Sean is an experienced Secondary science and maths teacher, and has also worked with CSIRO's Lab on Legs program for several years.

Bringing this combination to Snakehandler, we have been able to develop VELS and CSF II programs to suit your individual needs; we can tailor make a program to your requirements.

Our programs are live, interactive and fun; we welcome student and teacher questions and feedback.

What Snakehandler Offers

As each school is different we develop programs depending on your requirements. Let us know what you need and we will structure it for you; all of our programs fit in to VELS and CSF II.

Alternatively we can offer programs in the following areas:

  • Body Shape and structure
  • Nocturnal and diurnal animals
  • Habitats; where do you find them and why?
  • Survival and growth
  • Diet; how do we know what they eat?
  • How do we know when they eat?
  • Features to help in survival
  • Defence and Camouflage
  • Classification; how do we do it and why?
  • Temperature regulation
  • Sensory systems
  • Evolution
  • Ecology


The all important question... What will this cost me?

Snakehandler has a standard $250 per hour rate for a class size of up to 30 children for our one hour stand up presentation ($8.33 per child).

We will also offer a more student focused program by the end of 2016, this program has been developed to accomodate the teaching requirements for the new Victorian Curriculum where we are able to cover many of the Learning Intentions for each level in the areas of Science. The 90 minute session costs $300, again the class size is up to 30 children (thats only $10 per child).

We require a minimum of 2 hours at schools within one hour travel of our base in Kyneton and a full day booking at a school greater than that distance

This price includes GST and all costs.If you would like to see what previous school groups have thought of our programs, click on our Testimonials page