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Snake Prevention

Snakes are found around residential properties for a number of different reasons. Snakes are very primitive creatures, they require food; water and shelter just like most animals, and do not exist on this earth to end human life.

Snakes play a very important part in our environment and if they were removed populations which they control would explode, these include mice, rats, frogs and skinks. Snake prevention is very simple, think as though you were preparing for a bush fire. Keep grass low and gardens simple.

Avoid keeping wood piles close to residences, keep rubbish heaps and composts tidy, control mouse populations by baiting or trapping.

Always remember that we have moved into their environment not the reverse, if we want to live with nature we have to except all of nature, not just the cute and cuddlies but the scaleys too!

There are a wide range of native Australian animals, and they are all part of our environment. These range from koalas to kangaroos, possums to echidnas and encompass all of the reptile family. All of these animals, including venomous snakes are protected by law, and killing any of these animals can inflict hefty fines and in some cases imprisonment.

Reptiles can generally co-exist quite efficiently with human life, and in many instances have flourished from it. This is quite obvious in the case of the Eastern Brown Snake which predates primarily on introduced species of mice and rats.

Destruction of native flora including wetlands and swamp regions results in a lot of native animals needing to find homes elsewhere in order to continue the survival of their species.

This can be a major problem in new housing developments, where snakes and other animals do not realise the fact that their habitat has changed and they may no longer be welcome inhabitants of that area.

General Tips for Snake Prevention:

  • Keep all grasses low.
  • Keep gardens simple and avoid close root, ground hugging plants like agapanthus and ivy (these make great protection for snakes from natural predators as they can camouflage very well in the tight leaf and root structure, they also provide hiding places for snake's food items such as frogs and skinks)
  • Keep wood piles away from the house and elevate off the ground where possible, wood piles kept in secured sheds are most ideal, i.e.; garden sheds without any holes and a concrete floor.
  • Reduce rubbish in the back yard, if it is necessary to have sheets of corrugated iron and colourbond in your yard, separate with bricks and elevate off the ground, alternatively don't lay flat on the ground.
  • When building rock walls, stop up any gaps with mortar, any hole could be a potential snake hide.
  • Stop up any gaps in fence lines with snake and mouse mesh (5mm gauge mesh available from leading hardware stores), dug in at least 5cm. Alternatively build a colourbond fence and have it dug in at least 5cm, with no gaps along the edge.
  • Keep composts in bins, without any gaps for rodents to get into.

Remember it is virtually impossible to completely guarantee a snake free yard; humans as a general rule enjoy nature at home with ponds and fauna attracting plants.

The most you can hope to do is reduce the risk, and during the height of summer always be vigilant, especially when working in the yard; wear long pants, thick socks and sturdy boots and always use gloves when doing anything in the garden.

Any hole you are able to put your little finger in is a potential home or highway for snakes.

Snakes as a general rule are more afraid of us than we are of them, in most instances if left alone snakes will go away as long as there is nothing to keep them in your yard.

Snakehandler does however recognize peoples fears of snakes, after all these animals do have the potential to kill humans, it is for this reason that Snakehandler staff are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and service all of Metropolitan Melbourne.

If you do get a snake in your yard or in your home, phone The Snakehandler Team and we will be more than happy to assist you with your problem.

Please be aware that this is a fee paying service, we do not work for free!