About Us

In the Beginning...

Snakehandler began as a simple reptile removal business, which grew to include educational talks, displays and courses.

The business changed hands in 2005; with Sean McCarthy taking the reins. Together with Sean’s father, Rod McCarthy, we expanded our repertoire to include birthday parties, and tailor made education programs focusing on practical learning and safety.

With over 50 years combined teaching experience in both primary and secondary, The Snakehandler Team can fit our programs into any modern curricula. Sean brings with him a largely scientific background completing a bachelor of science at Deakin University and has practical experience in biology, ecology and chemistry.

A new era for Snakehandler!

In 2015 we have had a number of changes to the structure of the business, now, sole Director Sean McCarthy takes the helm and is guiding the business in a new direction, reflecting the needs of our large client base.

Largely due to a shift in public perception and awareness of reptiles, Snakehandler are being called upon more regularly than ever to display and show the magnificence and beauty of these unique Australian native animals.

Our repertoire now includes Shows and Displays from small community fairs to The Royal Melbourne Show, courses to the General Public and Industry across Australia, Educational programs for all levels of schooling and of course the ever popular Kids (of all ages) Birthday Parties.

With our unique Venomous Snake Handling Courses, as described by Dr. Bryan Fry in his book "Venom Doc", as possibly the only higher education course of its kind in the world, together with new developments in our safety programs we aim to provide the best Industry based services in Australia. Meanwhile we will continue to improve our school programs and birthday parties which ave always been a smash hit.