2022 here we come

With Victoria now assured to be open for business we have launched our 2022 dates for Venomous snake Handling courses, go to our shop and check out the new dates that have just been added, there are also dates still available for 2021 in Melbourne!!!We will have dates for Queensland and New South Wales in the commning weeks once we have advice from the various governemtns and deparments that we ar...

Traveling again

Traveling again
Snakehandler staff are excited to be able to travel again, over the next few weeks we will be in various parts of Australia running our handling courses, we look forward to being able to get to our many loyal customers, meeting new people and seeing new places......we are also visiting a number of places we have been before!!!

Full courses

WOW, what a response, we have completely filled the upcoming courses in Brisbane on the 2nd February and also Townsville on the 23rd February! we are looking forward to meeting everyone soon and if you have missed these ones, check out upcoming dates......if you dont see a date there, drop us a line and we can see what we can do for you