Busy month

Sorry we have been quiet for a while, the business is in the process of moving! So staff are flat out not only cleaning and caring for the animals, packing equipment and running courses, but we are also getting things set up at the next office.  We are currently building new crocodile and monitor enclosures that will give our animals more space, this should be completed in the next two w...

Brisbane 9th October and Darwin 2019

Hey there folks, thanks for sticking with us, we have been very busy over the past few weeks with training and equipment sales.  I hope that we are meeting your requirements...naturally if you have any feedback please don't hesitate to contact us directly about the issue and we can sort it out to the best of our ability.Brisbane:We have had an overwhelming response to training in Brisbane, as...

2020 planning

2020 planning
Sean has been busy in the office the last few weeks working on new programs, looking for a new office location as well as starting to plan for 2020!!Thats right, we are already looking at what we can offer in 2020, so if you are keen to have a course in your area, let Sean the the team know asap so we can see what we can offer near you!