The next Brisbane Course

Snakehandler are looking forward to our next venomous snake handling course held in yet a final location for the course has not yet been set, but we will have this as soon as possible.  The course is guaranteed to go ahead with only a limited number of spaces left.  So get in fast or miss out!!!

Cairns Practical Training

Cairns Practical Training
On the 14th May 2019 Snakehandler will be bringing our Nationally Accredited Training course for venomous snake handling to Cairns for the first time.  We are hoping for a strong turn out to encourage future courses just like in Brisbane.The course is unique in that not only do we offer the only online theory session for venomous snake catching courses, but we are also the ONLY course that is...

Brisbane Success!!

With a great turn out for the Brisbane Practical Handling Day we are looking at setting a new course for later this year.  Most likely we will look at this for mid to late August.  We will be able to take approximately 10-12 people in the course.  It's a fun day with a great deal of experience gained, working with a variety of reptiles such as dragons, monitors, pythons, colubrids a...