Collapsible M1 Tongs

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Just like the M1 Tongs, these are designed to get into small spaces, but even better....they can be broken down and packed into a backpack for easy transport. With a positive lock where the tongs cannot twist, they remove the risk of the tools twisting and making it unsafe.......Safety is the number one proirity at Snakehandler! Total length 40 inches or approx. 100cm Made for the most humane handling of snakes! triple rubber coated top jaw creates drag on top of the snake’s body for secure holding lower jaw is polished which creates a smooth surface, reducing snake’s ability of forward motion constructed of blue aircraft grade aluminum tubing featuring a concealed (non visible) stainless steel cable and spring Most other designs are modified rubbish tongs, and can cause huge amounts of injury to the animal. These tongs have been assessed by 2 Animal Ethics Committee's and approved as a method of snake control.

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