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Our high quality hooks are made from space age alloys for strength and safety. The hook insert is made from a solid anodized aircraft grade aluminum rod. Standard Hook is the most widely used hook on the market today. If you work with snakes at all, this will be your number one basic tool. Made with a slightly flexible stainless steel shaft and an aluminum hook 3 1/2 inches wide at the end. Snakehandler recommends this hook to handle captive pythons, if you need to handle venomous snakes we recommend the Elapid Hook which is basically the same as the Standard hook, just with a narrower hook end.

Customer Reviews (2)


Posted by Casey Duggan on 1st May 2020
The hook is excellent just what I need & wanted


Posted by Christopher Jennings on 13th May 2019
It is a very well made hook and easy to use. Very happy with it.
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