Here you will find information about the companies which we engage to work with us and provide product, while we wish to work with Australian based business as much as possible it is not always possible.

Snakehandler Branded equipment comes from a supplier in Pakistan, I have included a statement from them below:

Ethical Manufacturing Policy:

✓We have no Child labor involved in any phase of our production directly or indirectly.
✓We do not have forced labour/plug labor.
✓We are a small company with less than 10 employees which means we understand and fully committed for mutual goals for our Company and employees of course.
✓We all work like a family members
✓We have ladies works who get equally pay as male workers
✓Normal salary range for skilled worker is 14000-20000PKR n helpers/ non skill get 10000PKR per month which is a nominal amount suggest by government.
✓We do not deduct salary on fix and casual leaves means works get full pay per month every time.
✓We offer special working hours ie 7 hours / day n more relaxed work atmosphere.

✓In our holy month of Ramadan we reduce working hours to 4-5 hours for the whole month and pay full salary.

✓We offer bonuses almost half of the monthly salary twice a year.
✓We care about our workforce with their financial needs as well n offer loans without any interest s n easy deductions as per convenience of our workers.
✓Lifestyle here in Pakistan for our workers is considered as lower middle class .

✓Over all we are dedicated company for pets supplies we care about our small but valueable resource of workers .

✓Very General Medical treatment is free.

Social Responsibility;

We donate a handsome amount of money every year to some needy widows and needy families. Which is our religious responsibility as well as social responsibility.

During this pandemic we had made masks in-house and made Corona direct splash protective shields for doctors and distributed locally for free. 

We had paid full salary to our employees during the lockdown situation

Quality and Service;

Our products Quality and Prices are good/nominal because of no overhead expenses.

Like we have our own building and in-house production facility which enables us to customize orders in low cost and privacy of our customers articles.

We have in-house following production facilities:

Powder coating 
Injection molding machine- small
Cutting machine
Milling machine
Lathe machine
Drill machine s
Logo marking machine
Electric spot machine 
Sewing machines
Cloth cutting machine
Punch machine for eyelets etc
Screen printing unit

Welding machine

And Some general purpose machines we have all in-house production facility under the supervision of an engineer (me) so we reduce material wastage and reduce production cost. On the other hand we use eco-friendly products materials and try to Recycle, Reduce, Reuse one of major example is hide boxes PP plastic.

Business Leadership:

Im by profession an associate Mechanical engineer and MBA in business Management. I inspection all products and create all products with my valuable team of craftsman and skilled labour. We do not copy any brand of world we reshape it and try to increase its functionality.

My father is an experience businessman (partially on retirement mode these days) he also helps and guide us in manufacturing and see sourcing of raw materials and other day to day operations.

Success and Failure:

We are a happy company with happy employees to make a win-win situation for our potential customers with a satisfaction for our customers.

We do not sell on Credit to our customers nor we borrow from banks... that's some secret of our sustainable development from 2012 to this pandemic era.

Due to small company and sole proprietorship we have few limitations and business development. We always try to strive for excellence in our products and dealing all our stakeholders..

Thanks for asking about our company and workforce.