Reptile School Incursion


Sean and Rod McCarthy have over 50years combined teaching experience in both Primary and Secondary schools including Catholic, Independent and State schools.

We have full Public Liability Insurance of $20m & as we use live animals in all of our presentations, we have prepared Risk Assessment documentation which is available on request when you book with us.

Rod has experience at all levels of Primary education and has worked extensively with various universities in the supervision of student teachers.

Sean is an experienced Secondary science and maths teacher, and has also worked with CSIRO's Lab on Legs program for several years.

Bringing this combination to Snakehandler, we have been able to develop programs to suit your individual needs; we can tailor make a program to your requirements.

Our programs are live, interactive and fun; we welcome student and teacher questions and feedback.


Kindergartens, Pre-schools and Creches

Snakehandler brings an unusual and fun experience to your Pre-school, Kinder or Creche. A great opportunity for smaller children to interact with some of our native Australian animals, in a safe and hands on environment.

The children get to look, touch and feel the animals as well as see how they move.....we take into account their young age, using age appropriate language and giving them the opportunity to move around, imitating the animals they are learning about.

Primary Schools

Snakehandler shows in primary schools are able to showcase our native reptiles in a non threatening manner, we request information from the school so that each program we run in tailored to the needs of the school, we can focus on any relevant areas of study such as endangered species, habitats, feeding and food webs, identification, even simple immersion programs where students get to look at, touch, feel and observe the animals in a very controlled manner.

Our staff who have developed our school programs are V.I.T registered teachers and while we require a staff member to be present, even with a large group of students you have the assurance of a qualified, experienced and trained teacher working with your children, we are not just wildlife enthusiasts and scientists, we are teachers..

Secondary Schools

As each school is different we develop programs depending on your requirements. Let us know what you need and we will structure it for you;

Alternatively we can offer programs in the following areas:

  • Body Shape and structure
  • Nocturnal and diurnal animals
  • Habitats; where do you find them and why?
  • Survival and growthimg-4338.jpg
  • Diet; how do we know what they eat?
  • How do we know when they eat?
  • Features to help in survival
  • Defence and Camouflage
  • Classification; how do we do it and why?
  • Temperature regulation
  • Sensory systems
  • Evolution
  • Ecology


Our philosophy and rational:

The use of animals in a classroom needs to take into consideration the wellbeing of the animals, the interaction between the students and the animals and the purpose of the animals being used. With this in mind we focus on reptiles, insects and arachnids, these animals are very resilient, they prefer small spaces, so they are easy to transport and are unusual! We believe in reducing the stress to the animals, this is achieved by rotating the use of animals so that every animal gets time to rest, feed and enjoy space in their own enclosure. We prefer not to use mammals and birds, typically these animals require larger spaces and are easily stressed by the typical noise level of a classroom. We design our classes with safety in mind, safety for the students, staff and of course the animals, making interactions safe and controlled.

A Snakehandler Incursion will provide a variety of experiences for your students that will engage them in science and demonstrate to the students that science is all around them every day. We bring along a variety of native animals to your school, these animals are selected to compliment the Victorian Curriculum Foundation -10. Ensuring the welfare of the animals and children interacting with them, by following the guidelines for care and use of animals in schools. The majority of our animals are reptiles, we can also bring along a variety of insects, spiders and frogs. Our programs are designed to compliment your curriculum, we can be the immersion program, getting the students interested in a new topic or we can consolidate the program and even stimulate students to establish a focus study or inquiry.



Tiger Snake upclose

The all important question... What will this cost me?

Snakehandler has a standard $250* per hour rate for a class size of up to 30 children for our one hour stand up presentation ($8.33 per child).

This price includes GST and all costs.

We do not generally bring Venomous Snakes to Primary Schools as we do not believe it to be safe practice, unless a specific request is made and we would then liaise with the school principal to ensure that all safety measures are taken for the piece of mind of all involved. Venomous snakes at such events are restrained in glass enclosures that are securely locked, this enables students to see these animals with zero risk.

We have a separate program available for whole school assemblies, involving Venomous Snakes, what to do if they are sighted and basic snake bite first aid. See the Reptile Awareness page for further details.

We are also available for school fairs, fetés and open days! See the Shows and Expos page for more details.

*We require a minimum of a $300 booking for schools up to 60 minutes from our base in Moorabbin, for travel times greater than this, a minimum booking of $600 is required.

For bookings and enquiries please contact us

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