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An economical set of Gaiters that are designed to go over the foot as well as the leg, tested in-house with coastal taipans, eastern brown snakes, tiger snakes and death adders, these gaiters take them all on with no problem.  With no metal parts and a one size fits most system these are great not only for snake catchers, but for all people working in the bush, whether is fossicking for gold and gems or sampling waterways, these gaiters provide that little bit more when it comes to protection.

Customer Reviews (3)

Snakehandler Gaiters

Posted by Amanda on 25th Nov 2020
Fortunately, I haven't actually tested these gaiters out with a snake bite yet - and hope I never do - but they are comfortable, sturdy, strong, the ''one size fits most'' does fit chunky legs, the gaiters seem to be of durable quality and I'm very pleased with them. Great price too!

Snake handler Gaiters

Posted by Linda on 8th Dec 2019
Really happy with the new Gaiters, terrific product.

Snakehandler Gaiters

Posted by Jeff Davies on 4th Dec 2019
Brilliant, quality product. Handy addition to my kit.
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