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Welcome to the Snake Handler website

This site has been designed to increase public awareness and appreciation of reptiles, snakebite prevention and awareness of snakes around residences.

We are passionate about reptiles and enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge by educating people about them. We provide information for reptile keepers on various facets of reptile husbandry and snake control.

As a part of this we have developed courses to help the general public learn more about caring for reptiles in captivity, how to live safely with our native wildlife and we also train people in catching venomous reptiles and relocating them.

Snakehandler is focused on education, we love working in schools, kindergartens as well as doing public events and promotional work, with staff that include qualified and experienced teachers, veterinary nurses and professional snake catchers we aim to help people better understand our wildlife so that our children and their children will experience all the wonders of this country.

Snakehandler travels extensively to share our knowledge and passion, running courses in  Victoria & Queensland and now offering Industry courses to New South Wales, ACT, South Australia & the Northern Territory. It is important to note, that we are one of the very few companies running such courses to have Animal Ethics Committee Approvals and Scientific Research and Teaching Permits in all States that require it, this includes NSW, NT and QLD!

We have extensive experience in providing training for mines and other commercial companies, including pet stores and other industries.  With Public Liability insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance you can be assured we believe in our product and our services

The business is based in Kyneton we are available for snake removal across the region 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for times that we cannot assist or outside of this area, we suggest you call 136 186 where the Wildlife Department can provide a list of catchers in your local area.

For more information, click here to contact us.

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We have expanded on our range of handling equipment, as well as included a few extra items, but now you can purchase online through our new online store! We only stock the equipment that we will use ourselves. Visit our shop page, and start shopping!

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Snakehandler also has a new  Townsville Branch

Latest News


  • On the MOVE!

    In the next few months, Snakehandler will be moving office again, this time back to Melbourne.  We have secured a nice property in Moorabbin, this will allow more functionality for the business and soon we will be able to offer weekend birthday ...

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  • New Courses

    If you have been keeping an eye on our website, you may have noticed the new courses we are offering....this is just the start.  We have our Basic and Advanced Reptile Handling courses and soon we will be offering Husbandry seminars in our new o...

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  • Training Courses

    If you are interested in training, don't just settle for the dates we offer.....we can also accommodate your requests for dates.  If you have a group that wish to be trained, don't hesitate to contact us and ask what we have available.......we w...

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  • Midwest Tongs Supplier

    Great news for Snakehandler, due to our high volume of orders through Midwest Tongs, suppliers of our quality equipment, Snakehandler has been made the primary distributer of all Midwest products.  If you visit www.tongs.com and see anything the...

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  • Darwin 2016

    With a massive call for us to come back to Darwin to run our venomous snake handling course we have responded with confirmed dates of the 22nd and 23rd October 2016. The cost of the course is $600, while that may seem steep, we are bringing a wide se...

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  • Townsville Training October 1st and 2nd

    With the raging success of our last course in Townsville, we have been approached to conduct another course in Townsville, on the 1st and 2nd October we will once again be bringing our unique and highly sought after course to Northern Queensland. Wor...

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  • Cold weather approaching

    Here in Southern Australia the cold weather is setting in, its a timely reminder for all keepers to think about a serious condition, Respiratory Infection, this can occur due to the cold weather and insufficient heat.  It can be prevented by pro...

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  • Townsville Training

    The Townsville course was a raging success, with a great bunch of new handlers getting ready for snake catching in the region.  We had visitors from Moranbah, Cairns and all around Townsville.  Thanks for all the fun and we look forward to ...

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  • Equipment Sales

    Snakehandler is proud to say we are fast becoming the go to company for quality snake handling products, with this in mind we are now in discussions with Midwest Tongs for future developments.  Midwest Tongs provide the highest quality products ...

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  • Townsville Course

    In the last week we have had a flood of interest in our unique and highly sought after Venomous Snake Handling course being run on the 14th and 15th May.  With a number that are confirmed, and almost twice as many with enrolment forms we may be ...

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