Group Training

Our group programs are designed to be conducted onsite for mines, construction companies and other large organisations. While it covers the same theory and practical work as the general public courses we are also able to tailor the training to site specific needs.

Both of these courses can also be undertaken with Face to Face training!!

We have two differ packages available:

1. Reptile Awareness

Designed after years of working face to face with staff from various industries, this course takes you through common reptiles found in an area, how to deal with encounters with reptiles, how to reduce the risk of having issues with reptiles on site, dispelling myths and covering basics of first aid. With video and quizzes to help you round out your program this short course can be completed in around 45-60 minutes from a training room, home office, laptop or mobile device. 

If you are interested in this course, please Contact Us for more details and bulk enrollments

2. Reptile and Venomous Snake Handling

Our Flagship program, this course is the ONLY Nationally Accredited Course specific to handling reptiles and venomous snakes.  With the most up to date handling techniques, understanding of legislation and Occupational Health and Safety, this course is in great demand, not only here in Australia but also overseas, with our course being conducted in a number of countries such as Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia as well as having staff sent to us from America, United Kingdom, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

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