Group Venomous Snake Handling

At Snakehandler we provide courses for larger groups and sites all around Australia (provided permits are obtained by us), the major difference is the location of the course, these courses can be run on site at any location in all parts of Australia except WA and Tasmania due to animal quarantine regulations.

This is the only course in Reptile and Venomous Snake Control Australia that is Recognised and Accredited through the VRQA (Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority) that meets national quality training standards and can be found on the website. This course has created the Australian Standard in Training and Handling of Reptiles and as such successful completion provides the ONLY Qualification available in Venomous Snake Handling Australia wide.

The course and trainers must adhere to 13 nationally recognised education and training standards and must be overseen by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). While some will say this is not required, we always put quality and safety first.

This is one of the few courses recognized by all Wildlife Departments around Australia and many places around the world to train people how to relocate Venomous snakes (we frequently train staff from various Defence forces such as New Zealand prior to their deployment overseas). In Queensland you are required to either been deemed competent or have two Statutory Declarations of EXPERIENCE, there is no other course in Australia that can issue a statement of attainment for Nationally Recognised Training.

This course has also been assessed by 2 Animal Ethics Committees and has been approved for every technique utilized and taught. Sean has a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment & Training and a Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety, he is also an experienced teacher and an environmental scientist, meaning he can teach the complexities of the course in a way which is easy to follow and understand. 

It is important to note, that we are one of the very few companies running such courses to have Animal Ethics Committee Approvals and Scientific Research and Teaching Permits in all States that require it, this includes NSW, NT and QLD! 


Elements from the course:

  • Provide information on the nature of reptiles
  • Conform to legislative and OHS requirements for snake handling
  • Provide advice for snakebite prevention and demonstrate snakebite first aid
  • Identify snakes
  • Handle reptiles


Animals used: (in Australia, similar animals are required for international course)

  • Dragon lizards
  • Monitor lizards
  • Pythons
  • Rear fanged venomous colubrids.
  • Elapids including but not limited to*:
  • Tiger Snake Notechis scutatus
  • Red Bellied Black Snake Pseudechis porphyriacus
  • Copperhead Austrelaps superbus
  • Collett's snake Pseudechis colletti
  • Brown snake Pseudonaja textilis
  • Death adder Acanthansis spp
  • Mulga snake Pseudechis australis
  • Western Brown Snake Pseudonaja nuchalis
  • Dugite Pseudonaja affinis

 *Elapids are subject to state and territory licensing restrictions; where a species is not permitted to be kept another elapid species may be substituted.

How to Book

In order to book onsite training we require further details. Please contact us  for further assistance. You can choose to have the two day face to face course or the E-Learning course plus one day of practical handling and assessment.