Venom Defender Gloves.......but why????

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A new product we are just about to launch is the Venom Defender Gloves, and let me tell you the first reactions of people in the reptile world is very mixed, Which is exactly what Clem from Snake Professional in the UK said we would face. 

The answer is SAFETY.

Venom Defender Gloves are not the front line of defence against snake bite, that's not how PPE works....its the last level of defence...firstly you should have quality training and instruction, you should gain as much experience as possible and you also need quality handling tools.......then last but not least is the PPE, so we have sourced the Venom Defender Gloves for those how are seeking that next level of protection.

These gloves can prevent bites when you open enclosures, can prevent bites when a snake launches over a hook (which has happened to a highly experience Taipan Keeper in the last few years and nearly killed him).  handling monitor lizards without the risk of a bite or scratch makes it less stressful for you and the animal.

They are useful in field herpetology, while you are busy counting scales or sexing snakes, with the additional safety of snake restraint tubes. Snake catchers might even consider them while cutting snakes and lizards free from tins, cans and netting........

Why not just pin them and hold that way......have you ever been grabbed by the back of your neck and restrained?? I wouldn't like it....would you? So these gloves reduce the stress on the animal and decrease the risk of snake bite....well bites in general, while these are venom defender gloves you can also use them for handling a number of other animals including mice, rats, cats, dogs, possums, gliders, birds and the list goes on and on.....check out the new products we have and make your own mind up......

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