Reptile Awareness and Safety


Snakehandler have been providing reptile awareness and safety training throughout most of Australia since 2005, we have delivered this course to a wide variety of audiences such as Region shows, agricultural societies, Landcare groups, mines, military, construction and forestry workers just to name a few.

Our aim is to inform staff and interested people in living and working with reptiles in their lives, be it at work, home or on holidays. We aim to reduce fear by demonstrating the nature of these animals, giving clear and simple information on reduction of risks around a site and discussing the use of appropriate first aid and first aid equipment.

Having experience in training people in snake catching we are able to bring a different perspective to people, we are able to show that these animals should not be described as aggressive, but instead are highly defensive like any other animal that comes under threat.

Our talk can be done with or without a powerpoint presentation, we can also shorten the talk to accommodate toolbox talks for construction and mining. 

The online version is for any person who wishes to learn about this topic from home, for larger groups or remote groups who need to learn about the Nature and Behaviour of reptiles but can't get a training session on site due to distance and cost restrictions we can bulk enrol your staff into the course, just contact us for further details!

e-Learning Reptile and Spider Awareness