Reptile Husbandry

In the past Snakehandler have offered face to face training in keeping and maintaining reptile collections to people from all around Australia, these courses were conducted in Brisbane, Melbourne and Townsville, but with more and more demand, and the restriction of travel during COVID-19 we have looked at new ways of teaching these essential our new course has evolved.

Designed, not only by the Directors of Snakehandler, but also with our highly trained and experienced staff, we have developed a resource that is packed full of information that reptile keepers will find essential in maintaining their collections.  Overseeing the development of this course was Stuart, one of our keepers who has worked in numerous zoos, he has a Degree in Animal Science as well as a Certificate in Captive Animal Management.

In this course you will learn about what animals you can keep, the general things to look for when buying animals, handling techniques for captive animals, diet and nutrition, enclosure set up, health issues and so much more. As we produce more content it will be added to the course at no extra cost to you, along with videos and other resources available we believe this is a great way to develop a better understanding of keeping these wonderful animals.

Follow this link to enroll in our latest course: