At Snakehandler we offer a range of courses.  Traditionally these were done face to face, however with the massive development of online training we migrated in 2018 to an online platform.  Our courses are designed to introduce you to the world of reptiles and help you on your lifelong learning of these wonderful animals.

We offer two online courses:

Reptile and venomous snake handling:

Our Flagship program course, 22262VIC Course in Reptile and Venomous Snake Handling, a program we worked on for years to get to its current standard. It is considered one of the most robust courses in Australia and our feedback has demonstrated to us that it is well received. The only course in Australia that is Nationally Recognized and that can give you a Qualification at its conclusion. This course is used by Australian and International military, Wildlife departments throughout Australia as well as being sought after in Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan and many other countries.

Reptile Husbandry

One of our original face to face programs has been modified and improved over the past few years, with input from experienced Zoo Keepers we have now got a wonderful program designed to help you understand the intricacy of keeping many reptiles, with videos, photos and lots of information we guide you through keeping a variety of reptiles, how to monitor their health and well-being, maintain a well balanced diet and of course take care of essentials such as UV light and thermal gradients.


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