Ravenswood and back

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Wow, what a muck around we had for a course we were preparing for in Ravenswood Queensland, first drama at the Melbourne Freight Terminal...booked using their online booking system using our corporate account and told to be at the airport by 4:30 for a 6am flight...all freight must be lodged at least 90 mins prior to the flight time....well they dont open until 5am......thankfully the wonderful staff at Qantas Freight got the animals on the right flight and sorted it all out for us.

Arrive in Brisbane and transfer to our flight to Townsville....then sit on the tarmac for 90 minutes....why...we had no idea until the captain announced that a person on the flight had tested positive to COVID....why were they on the flight?? they should have been isolating until test results....naturally the cabin was angry, only to be told dont worry it was a false positive and we are heading off soon.

While in the  air....Townsville gets placed into the Queensland lockdown thanks to an unvaccinated health care employee who traveled there while symptomatic......really...you have sy,potms, you work outside the COVID ward and you dont know that you should get tested, thanks for that........then the Victorian Premier jumps and declares greater Brisbane and Townsville red zones from 1am Wednesday......we have to leave there area ASAP.

We land in Townsville and check whats going on in Victoria, we are lucky, Ravenswood is a Green zone....besides there are no flights back to Melbourne!! Then the site rings us...we are removing all non essential personnel, please dont come to site!!! Quickly turn around and go back to freight.....lets go north to Cairns.

We get the animals and ourselves onto flights to Cairns, stay the night at the wonderful Tree Top Lodge......great price, good accomodation and lovely people, we are coming back ASAP, we are thankful to be in a Green Zone.

We get home on Wednesday with a Green Zone permit from Cairns and not a single person meets our flight....all good, lets go home.  Thursday we were heading home from Ravenswood, our Green Zone permit, but we are already home, both Stu and Sean get a text, you have come in from a Red Zone you need to isolate for 14 days, we are both shocked by this, spending hours on the phone to finally sort out that we have actually done the right thing......what a nightmare.

The trials of running a business in these Covid times!

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