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Posted by Sean McCarthy on

Over the years Sean and his staff have been working all around the Eastern States of Australia as well as overseas teaching our course in venomous snake control.  After 10 years of running the only Nationally Accredited Training Course we are now developing our E-Learning module for the theory component.  Over the past few months we have been preparing all the online theory content and have been putting together videos and other useful files for the course.

We aim to have the E-Learning ready to go in the next week......so the theory can be done online, complete with a theory test, then all you have to do is book in a time to complete the practical handling.  This means only one day face to face contact, you can get the theory done in your time! Simply complete the E-Learning, bring in your certificate of completion and then get some hands on practical experience with snakes such as Copperheads, Death Adders, Brown Snakes and Black Snakes.

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