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Welcome to Winter....this cooler period is the best time of year to get stuck into cleaning up, reptiles are currently in a state known as brumation, brumation is an example of dormancy in reptiles that is similar to hibernation. It differs from hibernation in the metabolic processes involved. Reptiles generally begin brumation in late autumn (more specific times depend on the species). They often wake up to drink water and return to "sleep".

With these cooler temperatures they are not able to activate enzymes essential in the digestion of food, so they do not need to feed, but this does not necessarily mean they are too slow to strike and cause harm, if they need to move they certainly can, but they are more likely to stay still if they can.

So now is the time to go around the property and clean up, remove rubbish, lift objects up at least 50m off the ground where possible, build racks for PVC pipe and corrugated iron, prepare you gardens etc.

But also be aware, if you have a wood pile, the snakes will often take shelter there, its dry, cosy and wear some gloves, decent shoes and watch where you put your hands. Lift objects towards you....take care and make things safer while its cooler!

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