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Happy New Year to everyone, thank you for looking at our site and seeing what is going on, we are very proud to announce that yet again we have been able to maintain our status as the ONLY Nationally Recognised Training offered in Australia for handling venomous snakes. Every 5 years the course is reviewed not only by ourselves, but by a steering committee, made up of vets, wildlife licensing from different states, prominent herpetologists, research scientists, zoo keepers and snake catchers from all around Australia.  Once they have ensured that we haven't missed a thing, we then have to go to the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority, an accreditation panel meets to ensure that the course is not a duplicate and is still relevant.....if we get through that, then we get accreditation.

Some changes to the course for 2019.

We have a new course code and Title:

22500VIC Course in Reptile and Venomous Snake Handling.

There are new unit codes:

VU22694 Provide information on the nature of reptiles in human habitats

VU22695 Comply with legislative and WHS requirements for snake catching

VU22696 Prepare for and provide initial first aid for snake bite

VU22697 Identify snakes and reptiles

VU22698 Handle reptiles

We also have been approved to teach people over the age of 16, previously you had to be over 18.

You must have a current first aid certificate.

This year looks like a busy one, so get in fast so you don't miss out!

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