Snake bite and your pets

Posted by Sean McCarthy on

As spring draws to a close we are reminded every day of how vulnerable our pets can be to snake bite.  There are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of snakes interacting with your pets.

1. Keep a neat and tidy yard

2. Have your dog trained to avoid snakes and other reptiles

3. When off lead make sure you are able to recall your dog even when they in in prey drive

If your dog or cat is bitten, you can do the same first aid treatment to them, pressure immobilisation, then get them to a vet....don't use vitamin C as it has no known effect on the treatment.....its simply a free radical scavenger.....don't take our word for is a link to Gray Street Vet Clinic in Emerald QLD and also Newtown Vet Clinic in Victoria, they detail out what needs to be done....its very simple, immobilise your pet, get it to the vet ASAP and let the trained professionals deal with it.....DO NOT TRY TO KILL THE SNAKE...not because we love the snakes, but because this is a time we are closer to the snake and it increases the risk of us getting bitten.  The Vet doesn't need the snake.

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