Snakes in the city

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A common misconception is that snakes are a rural issue, not one for suburbia, this couldn't be further from the truth.  With a higher population, more access to hide spots and food around because of human habitation, snakes are very common in all parts of Australia.  Over the summer we have been very busy catching and relocating snakes from all over the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne, removing them from houses, warehouses, shops and other business.  

Often brought towards a property because of the presence of readily available food and water.  To help prevent this there are a few basic things we can do:

1. Keep your property neat and tidy (you'll be able to see if there is a snake)

2. Make sure you do not have resident rodents around the property

3. Check your fence lines, back yards often get snakes in there, they go there for the food and the shelter. Typically hugging the fence lines for two reasons.....looking for places to escape and also protection from predators. A yard with a good fence line is less likely to have snakes in it

4. Keep gardens neat and tidy, lawns kept short

5. Water bowls kept away from buildings.....wildlife will drink from your pets water bowl to, so moving away from the back door means you move the animals away from the back door

Most importantly remember where you live....Australia....we have snakes, its part of our country and always will be. You need to listen to your pets, if your dog is barking with a high pitch and moving around one specific area, there is something wrong....personally I always have a look around the areas my children are playing in to make sure its safe.  Also when gardening, disturb the garden bed with a leaf rake or 3 prong hoe to ensure there are no surprises hidden where you are about to work.

If you do have a snake in your yard, don't try to deal with it yourself.....they don't like being approached for any reason, leave it to properly trained, licensed and insured snake catchers. 

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