2020 what a year

Posted by Sean McCarthy on

Well what a year so far, we have certainly had a roller coaster ride! From having a record number of courses over the past 12 months, to suddenly having to stop!

While our training and public event have all been cancelled, we are still selling equipment and we are still doing online training.  With that in mind we have been working hard on new learning materials, new videos, even a new course.

Stuart and Sean have been busy making new videos, on the nature and behaviour of the animals, on handling techniques and husbandry not only of our reptiles but also other projects such as spiders, insects and leeches.

This is a photo of a leech cocoon, we anticipate baby leeches in the next month, they can have 5-20 in each cocoon and may lay a cocoon every 10 days!

We are adding new things all the time, we are looking forward to the restart of our public work.

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