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On Sunday 22/03/2020, Snakehandler decided that it is in the best interests of our Staff, clients and all of their families that we stop doing the Full Courses and all of the practical components of the venomous snake handling course.  While the venues we use can give appropriate space, and while we can also reduce class sizes, we do not believe that we should be placing people at risk by asking them to travel at this time.

We will ensure that all of the people who have booked into a course will get to complete the training. We are not cancelling your training, we are postponing it to a more suitable time......when that time is, well we currently do know.

We are trying to stock F10 Products, not only for our animals but also as an alternative to other hand and surface sanitisers as they are rated to be used on the Corona Virus group, however groups are buying up big and profiteering from it, rest assured, when it hits our shelves we will not be having a massive mark up, like the rest of our products, we do not aim to make a heap of money, but to provide quality products to people at a reasonable price.

Thank you all for being understanding in this time, we are trying our best to see the positive in all least the planet is getting a detox from human activity!!!

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