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We get a lot of people asking us where our equipment comes from, this is because many people want Australian made products only.  While this is our ideal situation and where possible this is what we seek, such as our restraint tubes, now sourced from an Australian business. But sadly this cannot always be the case:

Midwest is one of our major suppliers, they are American based with American manufacturing. They are the main supplier of our tongs, they also supply some of the other tools we have.

Snakehandler branded equipment is sourced from Pakistan, we have searched for business here in Australia to service our needs, however sadly there are very few companies that wish to deal with such a specialist field, herpetology, so there is a need to source this from a company that services around the world.  We have established a wonderful partnership with a family based business in Pakistan, where they strive to ensure their staff are well looked after, I have a link here with more detail if you wish to read about it.

Survival an Australian based business with manufacturing and supply from overseas

We hope you understand that while we try to source locally, sometimes to keep costs down and provide you with the best products possible we cannot always achieve this.

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