COVID-19!!! The panic!!!

Posted by Sean McCarthy on

The world is under siege, a virus, a simple bundle of RNA and DNA is bringing one of the most complex and "intelligent" organisms to its knees! We are being destroyed not just by illness but also people not being able to work.

Many of my colleagues in the reptile industry, entertainment industry etc are now fearing what is next. We are all having clients cancel bookings and many of these people do not have a big buffer to get through a few weeks, let alone a few months of no income. For some businesses out there they will have to lay people off, let them go, reduce hours......please support small business.

At Snakehandler we are still running business as usual, we have small class sizes for our training courses, we have the ability to do online training, we are happy to work with people who book into practical sessions but need to postpone the date of the practical training.  We still have equipment for sale and hope that we can continue trading with you.

Our shop will increase supplies of disinfectant, we only stock F10 Veterinary Grade products, these are source from the company itself and we will resell at more than reasonable prices, we guarantee that we will not inflate prices due to the situation we now face.  The prices we had two years ago on these products will be reflected today, we will only increase the prices if our costs increase too.

According to the manufacturer F10 is a suitable product to use for COVID-19, but it needs to be used correctly with correct dilutions and correct contact times.  

Keep an eye out on our store as we are just waiting the arrival of new stock

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